A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A visual novel created for eevee's "GAMES MADE QUICK??? 1½" Game Jam .


10/07/2017 - Fixed Inventory view to stay still when viewed instead of it going outside when the screen is clicked.  Edited Day 2 Redirection after Doll Room event.

Install instructions

1. Download the files.

2. Unzip the archive.

3. Open manual.pdf for guidance.


Die.Alone-1.2-pc.zip (68 MB)
Die.Alone-1.2-mac.zip (53 MB)
Die.Alone-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 (58 MB)


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Was so awesome. Man, so intersting, exciting, enjoyable thank you for this beautiful game. 

*melts in puddles in the corner*  Thank you so much ! *racking brain for something more to say*  thank you so much for playing the game and you're welcome :D

i downloaded the pc version of your game but it won't run! it says the .exe file is missing, all the assets are there! but it won't run. has anyone else had this problem with a download so far?? again it was the pc version

Let me see what I can do. Thanks for telling me.

no problem! really looking forward to playing your game :)

alright. I saw the problem. I will repost the links in a few moments. Thank you so much for telling me! :D

Heyya, witche. I fixed the files already, it's alright now(double-checked). Thank you :D