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This is such a lovely, imaginative game! The world you created is so beautiful, and believable and intricate. I really loved all the details, like the thought you put into music and sound effects, the texture on the art and the sprites, the GUI. All the characters were distinct, likable, and complex, really, the writing is amazing! Even the humor was the right kind of lighthearted. I found everything to be very dream-like, and you were spot on in creating a magical narration!! Thank you for making such a lovely game!

xD oh em gee, thank you for playing The Villaintine and for your lovely comments :D (I apparently lack the penchant of saying more/rambling when I'm on the receiving end). But anyways, thanks for dropping by and playing this VN! I'm glad to see that I'm able to achieve the effect that I wanted (even though it was strictly time-limited and the hardships I conquered to finish it, anyways!). You're welcome :D 


I'm not done playing the game but it's a really lighthearted game. I like the placement and use of music. The art style is cute.

I like how it's mentioned in the book that there's a girl villain because I felt that in their world there were only boy villains. It felt biased because it seemed like only girls can turn villains into good people. And, the story in the book was made by his mother so the story may not even be true as in, there may not even be girl villains.

Anyway, the whole game is just a nice cheerful game and some parts makes me feel nostalgic. Good job.

I wondered if I should say something until you finished the game but since you took the time to review while you're still midway then I should say something at least. So, first of all, thank you for the compliments :D and I'm glad I was able to really uphold the lightheartedness (*sweats* that had been a journey). I won't answer the stuff about the girl villains since you'll find out more soon once you're done with the game. And yep, in their universe, only princesses can turn villains into good people, which is solely based on the beliefs grounded under the 'Princess Story',  while the princes are tasked to do something else (which I hope I will be able to show in the sequel). That's about it, thank you for giving this VN a try, I really appreciate it :)  


So there are girl villains, cool! Thanks for explaining things. No problem. ;-]

You're welcome :)


I really love this VN.  It's fluffy and very light hearted to read,a nice change of pace for me. Great job! <3

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Aw, thanks a lot ~ and I can relate, it's a nice change of pace for me too (altho it has its hurdles but still a nice change of pace and sidenote: please share the fanfic  if you ever finished writing one xD). 


I loved it!! And I also love your art!! it really suit the story! I love how cheery the mc is and I'm the same as her, I can't read what the Villain really think about :"D Overall this is a nice, fluff story, and I wish to read more about them and perhaps expanded more on their universe too? (I think about the history regarding princess that help villain through friendship is really nice and original!)

Hello there and thank you for the compliments :) It's cool that I get to meet someone who's the same as the MC (really cool xD). Also, the Villain prefers to be mysterious that's why you can't get much of what he's really thinking (that and the fact that you can't see his eyes). Anyways, I can tell you that he really is sincere. Welps, you'll get more on their universe on the sequel (something I might do if I ever got around it. If you stalked my Twitter, you'd see an early character concept :3).  Sidenote: As for the history, I'm glad that you think it's nice and original :) So, yeah, thank you so much, lifians :D


True, he's too mysterious and with his bangs closing his eyes made me can't read him too much and I just keep picking choice where I just said "..maybe he wants to?? but probably not??" so yes,,  XD (probably why I got the friend ending lol)

OOOHHHH-!!! I'd love to see the sequel <3 I like reading your stories, please keep 'em coming!! (only if you have time for it aaaa-)

Aw, thank you (I shall post updates on Twitter and on this page too as a devlog so just look out for the probable next game). Yes, he is very mysterious.  Anyways, I do have a more official walkthrough in the devlog so if you haven't checked it yet then here it is. Please check it out (if you want to xD it's just minor extras either way).  Lastly, I posted something in Twitter, which showed the Villain without the bangs, check it here


Sadly I don't use Twitter much, but I'd try to keep update there! Yeah, I already used the walkthrough because I keep getting friend ending lol XD

Ahh!! Yeah!! I saw it!! And I've made fanart for your game too💓

Yep, people getting the friendship ending is really intended so it's understandable why most people get that first. Since you don't use twitter much then I'll post in my tumblr too so you'll be updated without having to check Twitter.  And you cute angel xD thank you so much for the fanart, I really appreciate it and your art style is really lovely (like really lovely I might frame it in my room or something) :3  


Nice work. Yay!  You finished something.  <3

Indeed. Thank you very much :3