Hiatus Announcement

Hello ^^;; first of all, I apologize because this post is not going to be about any progress as all because I did not make any last month.

Why I'm putting myself on Hiatus when it comes to Visual Novels: 

this means #TheVillaintineSepia's progress would be stalled, had already been stalled since last month actually. There are more days where I'm not working on TV: S anymore.
A lot of things happened that stalled my progress. Life got in the way. Feelings got in the way. I got in the way. It comes to the point where I can't write it anymore because it just feels like I'm writing fillers and just going around and around instead of staying focused.

Until... well I stopped writing it completely. And if I ever come back, I don't think it would make it any better. So for that, first of all, I apologize. There are factors why it ended up this way. One being, I have been way too ambitious when I am working on my own. TV:S have 5 chapters, each with at least 3000-5000 word count. It has a lot of art planned as well and being relatively new to digital, it frustrates me a lot (and because I cannot exactly draw the whole day, there are always things/reasons that gets in the way.) And yeah, it seems easy to quit than continue. Especially, if I don't really feel the support anymore. I know there are still people waiting for me to complete it, but yea, I guess, I'm the kind of person who needs it told. I'm not blaming you guys, this is an issue I have to solve and deal on my own as a Creator. I know I have to be content with what I have. Another reason is TV:S is not very cheery. So, maybe I am unconsciously placing all my problems there and hoping it won't show.

But yeah, that's about it. For short, I'm not going to be working on any VNs for now. I am just going to focus on being a writer and that means being more active on my @pinutbutterjeli account because at the moment, stories are easier to complete. 

I don't know when I'll be back and I'm not expecting people to be waiting for me. If there will be then thank you so much ^^ I admire your patience and dedication.
That's about it. For now, niannn will be put to rest.
See you when I see you ^^;;

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Ah I just saw this,, it's a bummer it'll never be finished but that's okay if this project wore you down because you can do write other things! I'm wishing you luck and happines! also I followed you on twitter, I'm Pensirru^^

Ohhh I see I see :D I saw you on twitter. Thanks for the follow.

I don't know what will happen with the story yet. I'll see what I can do though and I'll keep you guys updated if ever I do come back. Thanks for the continued support ^^